Wednesday, May 11, 2005

CC Briefs: "Everything's OK" by Al Green

Artist: Al Green
Album: Everything’s OK
Label: Blue Note

When Al Green cut "I Can't Stop"; his return adventure to the historic Hi-Fi studios run by Willie Mitchell, people were optimistic over its success and if it would fall on anyone's ears. That great leap of faith proved to be a dramatic triumph - putting the legendary soul singer back on the map. This time around, Al Green (labeled on the album as "The Reverend Al Green") uses the same ol' strategy to create his latest musical odyssey; "Everything's OK". That title is an understatement, if it was to sum up this album's synergy. The album basically packs a strong amount of groovy up-tempo jams, beginning with the infectious title cut (though the lyrics might be misguided) and then flowing into the bright "Build Me Up" and "Nobody But You". The glossy strings arrangements are probably the only latest additions added to the mix this time around (heavily used on the Billy Preston arrangement of "You Are So Beautiful"); giving Al Green a much more polished and updated look for his legendary soulful catalog. Of course, most might interpret this project as being a solid blues album - since most of the songs still carry the old Hi-Fi feel, but the production is clear, slick and in most area, they are delighted with divine spirit from Green's emotional deliveries and the background singers' input. Stand outs on "Everything's OK" include the delightful "Perfect To Me" (revealing Green's sweet personality on the strong lyrics), "All The Time" (flowing in the same vein of Green's gospel classics, perked up with a taste of southern funk) and "Be My Baby" (a wondrous musical trip filled with zesty horns; possessing the spirit of Green's 1972 hit "Look What You've Done For Me"). There's barely a dry track on this album...especially since Green gives each track the same intensity as his classics and with the same zeal he's known for on stage. Any person that fails to enjoy this project either has no heart for real soul music or is too bombarded with the overly-exposed sounds of modern pop material. Truly, this album is a better production than "I Can't Stop" and definitely proves that Green has more in his soul than we imagined.

RELEASE DATE: March 15, 2005

1. Everything's O.K. (4:14)
2. You Are So Beautiful (3:36)
3. Build Me Up (3:51)
4. Perfect To Me (4:10)
5. Nobody But You (3:31)
6. Real Love (5:23)
7. I Can Make Music (4:41)
8. Be My Baby (3:17)
9. Magic Road (3:45)
10. I Wanna Hold You (3:41)
11. Another Day (3:21)
12. All The Time (4:01)


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I like this site, most informative. anyone who talks about Al Green, HiFi and Staxx is alright w/ me!

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